67 Mustang Power Steering Conversion

We were asked to carry out a 1967 Mustang power steering conversion. I researched the available products and decided upon the Borgeson power steering conversion kit. Borgeson manufacture a wide range of compact power steering boxes for American vehicles.

The 1967 Mustang was a transition year from the smaller 1″ sector shaft in the steering box to the larger 1-1/8″. The simple method to determine which size you have is the measure the nut that secures the pitman arm to the steering box. If you have the smaller shaft the nut will measure 1-1/8″. And, if you have the larger shaft, the nut will measure 1-5/16″. This car had the larger type so we requested the appropriate kit.

Firstly, we had to remove the left hand exhaust header. This gave us the room remove the existing steering box and fit the new one. Next, we had to disconnect the pitman arm and the steering column. The inner steering column is one-piece, so the only way to get it out is to open up the steering box and remove it along with the worm gear. Once this is apart the steering box and column can both be removed. The new steering box from Borgeson bolts straight in. The new box uses a rag joint and a shorter inner column. To allow for this, the outer steering column has to be cut down shorter. The original pitman arm fits perfectly on the new box so none of your steering geometry has to change.

Next, we bolt the pump to the front of the left hand cylinder head with the supplied fittings. Before fitting the power steering hoses we refitted the header. We found the a 10mm x 1075mm V-belt was the perfect length. Finally, we fill the pump with fluid and go for a test drive. We found the Borgeson kit to be well designed and relatively simple to fit. In addition, the performance from the 67 Mustang power steering conversion was fantastic.