Ford Falcon belly, blasted and painted.

The Ford Falcon has come a long way in the last 2 weeks. The car has been partially stripped and the underside has been media blasted and etch primed. It then went in the body shop where we’ve welded up a few holes, seam sealed it, epoxy primed and painted in Wimbledon White. Next up is to rebuild the axle and suspension.

1958 VW Beetle painted

The bodyshop is now finished with ’58 VW Beetle. The striking colour is a deep metallic orange under flattened and polished lacquer.  The finish is exceptional and will make for a stunning classic when the car is complete.

Sebring Sprite heads off to the USA

After a number of years in build this Sebring Sprite is finally off to be with it’s owner in the USA. It started out as a rusty Frogeye Sprite body shell which we restored and advertised for sale. It was bought by a lovely chap in the USA with a passion for British sports cars. He wanted to build a proper aluminium bodied FIA Sebring Sprite here in the UK and have it shipped back to the USA. Most of the parts were sourced through Martin Ingall and the car was assembled here at CCK. We also made a roll cage for it and the Sebring bonnet. Right now it is in a container somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.

Major welding and MOT repairs for Rover P6

Matt Richardson brought in his trusted old Rover P6 for some love and attention. The d-panels, behind the rear doors and ahead of the rear wheels were pretty rotten. We cut out all the rust and let in new metal on both sides. We’ve also fitted a refurbished steering idler, rear axle belows and bushes ahead of an MOT.

1958 VW Beetle restoration, metal work

This early VW Beetle has suffered from tin worm for much of its life. It has had many poor quality repairs over the years but the time has come to make a better job of it. Following it’s basting and priming we are restoring the chassis and floor pan first. All of the rotten metal and poor repairs are getting cut out with newly fabricated repair sections getting welded in. The separate body and floor pan design of the Beetle makes these types of repairs a little easier. With the body off it is easy to access every part of the chassis and even flip it over to work on the underneath.

BMW 3.0 CSL restoration complete

The restoration of this original BMW E9 3.0CSL is now complete. We’ve rebuilt this car from the ground up. We’ve put in many many hours but the results speak for themselves. It looks as good underneath as it does on top. We are really happy to be able to hand this car back just before Christmas.