Hastings MG Club rolling road day

This Saturday past we played host to the Hastings MG Club’s rolling road day. Due to some un foreseen circumstances a few members were unable to make it along, however, those who came had a splendid time, and the smaller number meant we could spend more time with each car. Out of the 5 cars on the rollers in the morning for power runs, 3 went back on the rollers in the afternoon for a tune. Some fine adjustments to the needles in the SU carbs saw great improvements in engine performance. Plenty of tea and coffee and a tour of the premises and museum rounded off an very enjoyable day. A great down to earth club with some old school charm. You can find their website here: http://www.hastings-mg-club.org.uk

If you are part of a club and would like to hold your own rolling road day please contact us at: info@cckhistoric.com or give us a call on 01825 733060