Bespoke weld-in roll cage for Lenham build

The owner of this Lenham project wanted a bespoke weld-in roll cage. The advantage of a bespoke roll cage is that you can make subtle changes to suit your driving position or your favourite seat. The advantage of a weld-in cage is that it provides a little more rigidity for the chassis and it also saves a little weight. The weight of the nuts and bolts from a roll cage can add up to a couple of kilos.

Mk1 Mini T45 roll cage fitting

Last week we fitted this T45 lightweight historic roll cage. They are made with great precision and as such are a tight fit. This one went in well. Next step is to mount the seat and then get it in for paint.

Ford Falcon roll cage

We are fitting a bespoke roll cage in a 1964 Ford Falcon. Before we started on the cage we had to end to the drivers side floor. Both front and rear floor pans were rusty with poor repairs. Once the structure had been restored we were able to start work on the cage. This is a 6-point bolt in roll cage from 45mm tubing with dash rail and harness bar.

Sebring Sprite custom roll cage

We’ve made another custom 6-point bolt-in roll cage for a Sebring Sprite. We’ve slotted the front dash/scuttle to allow the front legs to pass through giving better clearance for the steering wheel.

sebring-sprite-roll-cage-2 sebring-sprite-roll-cage