BMW 2002tii – Kugelfischer fuel injection on rolling road

BMW 2002tii kugelfischer fuel injection rolling road

This BMW 2002tii, with its Kugelfischer fuel injection, came to us with running issues. Initially the owner wanted to do away with the injection system but we assured him that when working properly, the kugelfischer injection is excellent and will help maintain the value of his original BMW 2002tii.

With the car on the rolling road we were able to diagnose the symptoms that were causing the poor running. The engine was running very lean. Next, we systematically checked the systems settings to ensure everything was within adjustment and operating correctly. The system appeared to be ok so we tested the fuel pressure. Bingo. The fuel pressure was very low. We tested the fuel pump and it appeared to be fine so we turned our attention to the fuel regulator. It was faulty. So, we stripped it down and rebuilt it.

With the car back on the rolling road we could measure mixture from the BMW 2002tii fuel injection under load. The rebuilt fuel pressure regulator did the trick and the engine now had a decent air fuel ratio.