1962 Classic Mini Pickup restoration

classic mini pickup restoration

Classic Mini Pickups are very rare so we are excited to be able to do the restoration on this one. Like all Minis, this one has had its fair share of bad repairs and tasteless modifications. Thankfully, the new owner wants to return the little truck to its original condition. That means out with the 1275cc engine and in with a 848cc lump from late 1961, complete with pudding stirrer gear shift.

We began by stripping the car down to a bare shell. Then we had remove all of the filler and under seal before it could be sandblasted. Once blasted the restoration work can begin. Check back for updates on our classic mini pickup restoration over the coming months.

Group A Mini Cooper rally car build

Group A Mini Cooper SPI rally car build

We’ve been busy building this 1994 Mini Cooper Group A rally car for a customer. We started with a genuine Rover Mini Cooper SPI body shell which was surprisingly good. After repairing and replacing any rusted panels the body was seam welded. As well as seam welding we reinforced various weak points. Rally cars have to put up with a lot of abuse so reinforcing and strengthening the body shell is very important. Then we test fit the Safety Devices roll cage and welded in the counter plates for the feet. Then the body was media blasted before being prepped and primed. Next, we applied seam sealer before spraying the flame red top coat and white roof.

Following the body preparation and paint we began to assemble the car starting with the subframes. Both front and rear Mini subframes were seam welded and painted black prior to assembly. The subframes were assembled using the homologated components for a Group A rally car. This includes adjust tie rods and lower arms. Additionally, the homologation papers allow for 4-pot Metro brake calipers and finned alloy brake drums.

When complete the car will be just like the Group A Mini Cooper that competed in the Monte Carlo rally in 1994 with Paddy Hopkirk.

1994 Group A Classic Mini Cooper Rally car build

Group A classic Mini Rally build

We’ve begun work on a Group A Classic Mini Cooper Rally car build. Our customer has supplied a relatively tidy 1994 Mini Cooper body shell from which to build it. Once complete the car will feature a full rally modified 1293cc SPi engine.

First things first we must restore the body shell. Thankfully the original body was relatively rust free. The worst rust was in the front floor area. Most Mini’s require new front end panels as these are prone to rusting. In addition we’ve had to replace the out sills, rear valance and repair the floors and bottom edge of the rear panel. We are also installing a full roll cage and reinforcing the body with seam welding. Most of the parts for this build are being supplied by Mini Sport.

The body will be painted in the original Rover Flame Red with white roof. The car will be built to the FIA Group A regulations of 1994 just like the car Paddy Hopkirk used when he returned to compete in the Monte Carlo Rally. More updates on this Classic Mini Rally car build to follow. Next up, the 1293cc rally mini engine build.

Classic Mini gets some TLC

This classic Mini came in a couple of weeks ago for some cosmetic work. The car is actually incredibly sound. So many of these Mini’s a full of rust but this one has clearly been well looked after. That being said there were some issues the owner wanted dealt with. Both doors had bad repairs and even worse paint work. The front wings were just starting to bubble up as was the passenger side A-panel. We chopped these panels out and fitted brand new heritage doors, A-panel and wings. We then painted the front half of the car in colour matched green metallic paint and reapplied the stickers. New arches were fitted along with new bumpers and grille. The existing paint on the rear of the car was machine polished. Underneath we applied a stone chip and under seal product which is coloured to match the body. The car now looks almost new again.

Mini Guru

Ian Goodwright is not only our master painter but also fulfils the role of in-house Mini anorak. His knowledge of classic mini’s is extensive and his ability to restore even the most rotten example to a very high standard is remarkable. Ian’s 1963 Mk1 Morris Cooper was restored to the highest possible standard. Finished in Smoke Grey with white roof, Ian carried out all of the restoration work himself to achieve what should be considered one of the finest Mk1 Mini Cooper’s in the world.