CSCC Donington with Triumph TR4

Last weekend we were up at Donington for the CSCC’s Swinging 60’s race. Richard Ford and Stuart Bancroft were out in the green Triumph TR4. It was a little wet but the car performed admirably and the guys had a great race.

cscc-donington-triumph-tr4-cck-historic-swinging-60s cscc-donington-triumph-tr4-cck-historic

BMW 1800ti testing at Brands Hatch

Today we’ve been at Brands Hatch with Stuart Patterson and Paul Bartley testing their BMW 1800ti ahead of the weekends CSCC race meeting. The car will be competing tomorrow in the Classic K race and the Swinging Sixties race here at Brands Hatch.

BMW 1800ti Brands Hatch BMW 1800ti Brands Hatch 4 BMW 1800ti Brands Hatch 2 BMW 1800ti Brands Hatch 3