Turner’s Turner, engine in and back on the dyno

Darren Turner’s Turner mk1 has had a new camshaft and associated components and has gone back on the dyno this morning to get it all tuned up ahead of the GRRC 72nd Members Meeting. Next week we will be out testing. Can’t wait to see how the little car goes in the hands of such a capable driver.

Darren Turners A series engine Darren Turners Turner Mk1 Turners Turner rolling road 2 Turners Turner rolling road

Update: Volvo 122S almost ready for Goodwood 72nd

Our Volvo 122S is nearing completion. The engine is done and features a fully balanced bottom end, steel rods, forged pistons and a fully race modified cylinder head. SU HD8 carburetors are providing the air and fuel whilst a tubular manifold takes care of the exhaust gasses. Drivers seat and gauges are installed, a dry cell racing battery, custom wiring loom and fire extinguisher system are all in place. Only a small list of jobs to complete before it is ready for testing before a March debut at the Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting.

volvo 122s race preparation B18 engine SU carbs volvo 122s race preparation volvo 122s race preparation 2 volvo 122s race preparation 3