Jensen CV8 makes it to Bonneville Speed Week

Earlier in the year we made roll cage for Ian Northeast’s Jensen CV8 land speed car. Since then he’s been working to a very tight schedule to get the car finished in time for Bonneville Speed Week. He’s made it.

Initial rookie runs and to qualify for his license have seen a best of 137.386mph despite the engine not running cleanly above 4000rpm. I chance encounter with a tuning guru on the salt now means they can use a full 6500rpm. Sundays running came to an early end due to an accident and Monday morning brought with it a starter motor failure but with a new starter on the way Ian is ready go for a 150mph run. We are all very proud of Ian and pleased to have been involved in the project.

You can follow Ian’s progress on his website

Roll cage for Bonneville Bound Jensen CV8

We were asked about building a roll cage for a car headed to Bonneville. Not necessarily a straight forward task in an ordinary steel bodied car, even less so in a fibreglass Jensen CV8. The car uses a central ladder frame chassis with no support out at the sills. We had to build a subframe and weld it to the cars chassis which could support the roll over structure. The car just ran successfully at Pendine last week and is due to go out to Bonneville later in the year.