Mercedes 190E Cosworth – Cam timing and tuning

Mercedes 190E Cosworth cam timing

The Mercedes 190E Cosworth – a definitive modern classic and less common than a BMW E30. This one came in for a couple of jobs. Primarily, checking the cam timing and running it on the rolling road. It is a new engine and the owner wants to make sure everything is spot on before he begins running it in.

With new engines on the rolling road we limit the load and the RPM’s. It’s important to make sure the fuelling is ok with a new build. You don’t want to be running-in with a lean or rich fuel mixture.

Additionally, we took the car for an MOT and did a couple other little jobs. The owner is working toward a 2-week European road trip in May, taking in the Stelvio Pass and the Nurburgring. Can’t think of a better trip to do in a Mercedes 190E Cosworth.