Mercedes-Benz G300 G-Wagon – fabricating new sills

To say this Mercedes-Benz G300 had some rust in the sills would have been a drastic understatement. Once we started cutting out the rust and filler we found there wasn’t a lot left of either the inner sills or the outer sills. On the left hand side it had also spread to the first outrigger and body mount. The only solution was to cut it right back and replace it with fresh metal. We fabricated sill panels to match the original contours with our sheet metal folding machine.

Timing chain and clutch for old Mercedes G-Wagon

We’ve got this old Mercedes G-Wagon in for some work. Basically it’s Germany’s answer to our Defender. A funny ticking noise from the engine turned out to be a broken link in the timing chain. Most likely caused by the improper fitment of the chain last time around. New chain installed correctly before we get it on the ramp for a new clutch.