Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II brake system overhaul

Not for the faint of heart. The Silver Shadow’s brake system is pretty serious and more akin to that of a lorry. There are two systems running side by side with two engine driven hydraulic pumps, two accumulator spheres and two accumulator valves. The front brakes have 2 calipers per side with each supplied from one side of the system. These cars had astounding performance in their day despite their enormous weight and although the brake system is a little complex, all parts are available. This car has been stood for years so in addition to the brake overhaul it has also had a general service.

roll-royce-silver-shadow-brake-accumulator-sphere-valve-pump-overhaul-repair-refurbish-restore-2 roll-royce-silver-shadow-brake-system-overhaul-repair-refurbish-restore