1958 TVR Grantura-Climax painted

The 1958 TVR Grantura paintwork is finished. The final colour choice was Aston Martin’s California Sage Green with Old English White for the stripe. There couldn’t have been a better choice. It suits the car perfectly. There is a new Coventry Climax engine on the way ready for the 2019 season.

Fairthorpe Electron, bump steer sorted with narrowed steering rack

Not often you see one of these. Although you may not describe it as beautiful it certainly is a grower. What is intriguing about this little sports cars is their feather weight and high revving Coventry Climax engines. This car suffered from bump steer. The route of the problem was a narrow chassis with a relatively wide Triumph sourced steering rack. After some careful calculations we narrowed the steering rack to correct to geometry problem. We also fitted a vernier camshaft sprocket and timed the camshaft in properly as well a few other race prep jobs and started the process of applying for FIA papers. A road test proved that this car is very quick and should be very capable.

TVR Grantura-Climax

The Coventry Climax engined TVR Grantura of Ian Burford is nearly ready to race. It is now mechanically sound so today we warmed it up and ran it on the rolling road to check everything out. The carburettors appear to be well setup with the correct mixtures. There are a few more jobs to finish off before the car is ready to race.

TVR Grantura Coventry Climax rolling road tuning 2 TVR Grantura Coventry Climax rolling road tuning

TVR Grantura Climax arrives for race prep and 2016 race support

A very rare and very early TVR Grantura has arrived this week. The original Coventry Climax powered car needs some TLC and an up to date race preparation but once complete will offer the new owner a unique drive within a grid of  1950’s sports cars. The car has drum brakes all round but does feature fully independent suspension. Once properly setup the short wheel base should make for an agile racer that should punch above it’s weight. Watch this space for updates on it’s progress.

Mk1 TVR Grantura Coventry Climax 2 Mk1 TVR Grantura Coventry Climax