Fiat 500 annual service

This lovely little Fiat 500 is in for it’s annual service. The car is in superb condition and features a 650cc engine for a little more go. A new set of plugs and leads, a clean out of the centrifugal oil cleaner, strip and clean of the brakes and some fresh grease for the wheel bearings. Ready for some classic summer motoring.

Fiat 500 service Fiat 500 service 2

Busy week. Alfa Romeo 2000GTV, Fiat 500, MGB

A busy week at CCK. We got back from Silverstone last weekend to face a busy week in the workshop. Tim Dallas’ lovely Alfa Romeo 2000GTV was booked in for check over and MOT prior to its UK registration. A Fiat 500 came in with running issue that causes it to cut out after a mile or two and Mark Weaver’s MGB was in for a brake and suspension service prior to some summer track days. Bring on next week.

MGB Fiat 500 Alfa Romeo 2000GTV Alfa Romeo 2000GTV 2