Jaguar E-type front suspension rebuild and service

Jaguar E-type service

This week we had a gorgeous Series 1 Jaguar E-type in for a front suspension rebuild and service. Although this car is recently restored we found that many of the rubber components were already perishing. Unfortunately we find this to be a problem with all classics. The quality of new rubber components is often terrible. We often see bushes and gaiters crumbling away when they are barely a year old.

When available, we will fit better quality rubber components. In the case of Jaguar E-types, SNG Barratt make a superior ball joint gaiter. It’s about £5 more than the cheaper version but well worth it. In addition to the bushes and gaiters we also fitted an lower engine seal upgrade kit and changed the oil. After this E-type front suspension rebuild, we’re hoping the new components will last a little longer.

Jaguar E-type service and repairs

We had another Jaguar E-type in this week. This time it was a 2+2 LHD from the USA. The owner wanted the underside and sill cavities Waxoyl’d but he also report a steering issue. Upon inspection we found the steering rack to be completely worn out along with the lower wishbone bushes and shock absorber bushes. We put some fresh bushes on it and a new steering rack. We also replace the exhaust mounts and the reclining mechanism on the drivers seat. The hold reclining mechanism has broken in the past and had been welded up so it couldn’t move.

Major service and repairs to Series 1 Jaguar E-type

This beautiful Series 1 Jaguar E-type came in for a full inspection, major service and repairs. There were a few large jobs to carry out including works to the rear subframe and drivetrain. We replaced all of the front suspension bushes and a couple of ball joints. We replaced the water pump, adjusted the cam tensioner and carried out an engine service. We’ve fitted a set of static seat belts and had the car MOT’d.