Fast Road 3.8 litre Jaguar E-type on the rollers

We had a great looking fast road Jaguar E-type on the rolling road today. Partially stripped out with a roll cage in the back gives the car a real sense of purpose. It came in running super rich. We changed the needles and leaned it out to find a big bump in power and torque from the 3.8 litre engine.


SU carburettor rebuild, Jaguar engine tune

A set of 3 HD8 carburetors on a Jaguar E-type 4.2 fully rebuilt. We’ve fitted new bushes and reamed them to size and replaced the spindles. The carbs were reassembled with all new components and gaskets, refitted to the car before it gets rolling road tuned. We can rebuild Webers too.

SU carb rebuild, bush reamingSU carb rebuilding, spindleJaguar E-type SU carb rebuildJaguar E-type rolling road