Grant Williams Jaguar back on the rollers ahead of 2019 Goodwood Revival

Grant Williams has been back on the rolling road for a final tune ahead of the 2019 Goodwood Revival. Following a refresh of the 3.4 litre competition engine the car went back on the rollers to setup the triple SU carburettors. Grant will be competing in the St Mary’s Trophy race. He is sharing the drive with sports car racer and BRDC member Ross Hyett.

Jaguar Mk1 rolling road tune

A lovely Mk1 Jaguar with Mk2 running gear and a 3.8 was brought in by owner Anthony Gilsenan for rolling road tuning. The car is shown regularly and is also available for wedding hire. In 2012 this car was featured in the new Inspector Morse prequel “Endevour”.

Jaguar Mk1 rolling road Jaguar Mk1 rolling road 2 Jaguar Mk1 bootlid script Jaguar Mk1 engine bay