Spa Francorchamps with Jaguar XK140

The week following Goodwood Revival we were packing up and heading out to Spa with the Jaguar XK140. A new full race 3.4 litre engine from Nick Finburgh was delivered less than a week before the classic Belgian event. The engine went in, the car was prepped and transported out to Spa for the Motor Racing Legends Woodcote Trophy race in support of the famous Spa 6hour race. Qualifying took place on Friday with the race on Saturday. The new engine proved itself immediately with 20 seconds coming off the previous years best lap time. Unfortunately one of the 1/2 shafts broke just before the end of the race. Back in the UK the car is now getting prepped for the Algarve Classic Festival at Portimao in Portugal.

Silverstone Classic

Other than a minor shower on the Friday this years Silverstone Classic was DRY and sunny! Shocking. We were there with Ian Burford’s Ginetta G4 and the Mira-Gomes XK140. This year the event seemed better organised despite the hot weather and the massive attendance of racers and spectators. Overall a great weekend. We will be looking forward to next year.

Donington Historic Festival

This long cold winter finally broke in time for this years Donington Historic Festival. We had just the one car this year, the Jaguar XK140 of Joao Mira-Gomes competing in Motor Racing Legends Woodcote Trophy. This car comes over from Portugal to compete in the UK every season. Next race for the big cat will be Silverstone Classic.

XK140 axle repair

The axle in the Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK140 was damaged last year when a half shaft broke. Damge to the bearing surface left us with a little more end float then we were comfortable and its gotten worse. We’ve removed the axle and will be sending it to be machined. The damaged surface will be cut back and a sleeve inserted to restore the original bearing surface.

Jaguar XK140 rear axle repair Jaguar XK140 rear axle removal

1800ti and XK140 readied for Masters Festival at Brands Hatch

This week we have been busy preparing for the Masters Festival at Brands Hatch. This weekend we are running two cars. In the Pre-66 Touring Cars we’re running Tim Abbott in his 1965 BMW 1800Ti will be and in the RAC Woodcote Trophy will be Joao Mira-Gomes in his Jaguar XK140 Le Mans Replica. Both cars have been prepped and run up on the rolling road before being washed and loaded. See you there.

Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK140 rolling road RAC Woodcote Trophy Tim Abbott FIA BMW 1800ti Masters Festival Brands Hatch

Silverstone Classic 2013

Given the weeks of sunshine it looked set to be another glorious weekend at the Silverstone Classic until a monsoon cut short Saturday’s evening festivities. We were support Joao Mira-Gomes and his beautiful Jaguar XK-140. Joao and his wife drive this car from Belgium to the UK on a regular basis to compete in various events. Unfortunately Mira-Gomes had to retire after 40 minutes from the Woodcote Trophy race due to a loss in oil pressure. Photos courtesy of Chris McEvoy.

Joao Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK 140 Silverstone Classic CCK Historic Joao Mira-Gomes Jaguar XK 140 Silverstone Classic CCK Historic 2