Ian Gray’s Supercharged ’62 Mini Pickup

Ian Gray’s ’62 Mini pickup sleeper is done and back with it’s owner. When it came in it was very standard and quite well worn in. We’ve repainted the engine bay, built up new subframes with Cooper S discs, poly bushes and Hi-Lo suspension, built an overbored 998cc engine with Speedwell head, Shorrock supercharger and a 5 speed Colotti gearbox. The difference is enormous with a surprising amount of power and a very positive gear change.

62 mini pickup supercharged 62 mini pickup 62 mini pickup engine bay before 62 mk1 mini pickup engine bay with shorrock supercharger

Mini pick-up engine bay refresh

Ian Gray’s mini pick-up is in the paint shop this week. We’ve stripped the old paint from the engine bay, tidied it up and given it a fresh coat of Tweed Grey. It is no ready for fitting up and for it’s new front subframe and Shorrock supercharged 998cc small bore engine.

mk1 mini pickup engine bay mk1 mini pickup engine bay 2 mk1 mini pickup engine bay tweed grey 998cc small bore Speedwell A series mini engine