Motor Show Sunbeam Tiger in for MOT and wheel refurb

One of the nicest cars we have the pleasure of looking after is this Sunbeam Tiger. The car started out as Sunbeam’s original Motor Show show car. Since then it has only covered around 40,000 miles and has been cared for impeccably. The car came in for an MOT, an earthing fault on the indicators and a refurbishment of the steel wheels.

Sunbeam Tiger American speedster

These past weeks we’ve had the pleasure of working on a unique Sunbeam Tiger race car project. The car is based on an American SCCA racer from the 1960’s and features speedster styling with aluminium tonneau and low line wrap around aero screen. We’ve been working on the roll hoop and the seat mounting as well as sealing the rear bulkhead.

Fire damaged Sunbeam Tiger in for repair

This stunning example of an original Sunbeam Tiger recently had a small engine fire. Lucky the owner put it our before any real damage was done. The engine still has the come out so we can repair the paint work in the engine bay. The bonnet needs repainting and there will need to be some new brake lines and wiring.

Sunbeam Tiger Sunbeam Tiger engine bay