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New in the workshop is this delightful Mk2 Ford Zephyr rally car. The car has been around for many years and has competed all over the country. The car has recently changed hands and the new owner wants to give it some much needed attention. Overall it is very good but we will be looking at the brakes, top and tailing the engine and updating a lot of the equipment such as seats, harnesses, gauges and extinguishers.

harrison-mk2-ford-zephyr-historic-rally-car-preparation harrison-mk2-ford-zephyr-historic-rally-car-preparation-2

Our Quaife MG Midget dog engagement straight cut gear kits are in stock. Suitable for any A-series, sports, GT or saloon car using the Sprite/Midget gearbox. Designed to utilize the 1275 rib case gearboxes but we can modify the 1098 gearbox casing as well. We can supply the kit on its own or build a gearbox for you using your own casing. If you have any questions or you’d like to order just give us a call.

Midget dog engagement gear kit Midget dog engagement gear kit 2


Not for the faint of heart. The Silver Shadow’s brake system is pretty serious and more akin to that of a lorry. There are two systems running side by side with two engine driven hydraulic pumps, two accumulator spheres and two accumulator valves. The front brakes have 2 calipers per side with each supplied from one side of the system. These cars had astounding performance in their day despite their enormous weight and although the brake system is a little complex, all parts are available. This car has been stood for years so in addition to the brake overhaul it has also had a general service.

roll-royce-silver-shadow-brake-accumulator-sphere-valve-pump-overhaul-repair-refurbish-restore-2 roll-royce-silver-shadow-brake-system-overhaul-repair-refurbish-restore

We’ve just started on the restoration of Tim Sims Mk1 Mini. This was his first car, he has had it for 37 years but in recent years it has deteriorated significantly. We’ve had the body media blasted and now we are in the process of re-paneling it. Tim was a successful Mini racer in the past but he’s undecided whether his Mk1 will become a race car or not.

tim-sims-mk1-mini-body-shell-restoration-front-bulkhead tim-sims-mk1-mini-body-shell-restoration-floor-replacement

This Triumph TR4A has been stood in a garage for the last 20 years. We’ve been through the whole car and refurbished the mechanical parts like brakes and suspension. The engine was good but the carburettors were full of detritus. The whole fuel system was replaced and the carbs rebuilt. We converted the car to an alternator, electronic ignition and an electronic Facet fuel pump. The paint work has been machined polished and it has come out very well. Really happy to see another classic back on the road.

triumph-tr4a-recommissioned-refurbished-restoration-classic-car triumph-tr4a-recommissioned-refurbished-restoration

The 289ci engine, clutch and gearbox have arrived for the Shelby Mustang GT350R. The engine is going in the hole now and after that there is not a lot more to do to get it ready. As soon as the car is done we will be applying for HTP papers and getting out for some winter testing. Can’t wait to see this out in 2017.

1965-shelby-mustang-gt350r-289-engine-installation 1965-shelby-mustang-gt350r-289

This stunning ’69 Chevrolet Camaro came in for a rolling road tune and geometry. The car has been built recently with incredible attention to detail. The 383ci engine was running lean through a Demon carburettor. Only 3% CO. We upped the jets and found another 10bhp and a load of torque. After the tune we measured and adjusted the front camber and tracking.

69-chevy-camaro-rolling-road-tune-383ci-demon-carb 69-chevy-camaro-rolling-road-tune-demon-carb