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We’ve started building the 327ci Chevrolet small block V8 for the Cheetah. The cylinder heads are getting the full port and polish treatment with large competition valves. The entire rotating assembly is currently getting balanced but includes high compression forged racing pistons, billet flywheel and triple plate paddle clutch. The engine will be fed through four Weber 48DCO carburettors on a cross ram manifold. Of course everything is held together with ARP bolts and studs. We are all looking forward to seeing this thing run. It’s gonna be loud.

327 Chevy cross ram Weber race engine build 2 327 Chevy cross ram Weber race engine build

Mike Haigh’s Ford Falcon is getting treated to a new cylinder head. The standard cast iron cylinder head found on the old Ford inline sixes has a terrible port and inlet arrangement with a ‘log’ type manifold cast onto the head. Back in the day the Australians got wise and cast their own heads with a separate inlet manifold and a standard 6 port arrangement. The head is otherwise identical and bolts straight on. It only took a year to source the rare Australian 250-2V head and get it shipped to the UK but it’s here, it’s been ported, polished and has big valves. We’ve machined a divider for the central siamese exhaust port and once it has been skimmed will be fitted to the bottom end. We are all taking bets as to what it will be worth in BHP.

Falcon 250-2v cylinder head machining Falcon 250-2v cylinder head port divider Falcon 250-2v cylinder head Falcon 250-2v cylinder head 2

Posted by Daniel H Lackey at 4:02 pm

The Bill Thomas Cheetah project has reached the next level. The differential has been completely rebuilt with 800lb Eaton LSD. The brakes have all been assembled, adjusted and bled. This has enabled us to finally set it on it’s wheels. The last of the chassis work is taking place now before the body goes on.

Cheetah Cheetah 2