Engine Building

Whether you need a stock road engine, a mildly tuned or fast road engine or an all out historic race engine. We can build it. We can offer advice on modifications to cylinder heads, carburettors, manifolds, what compression ratio to run and what camshafts you should be using. If you have an unusual or rare engine we work vary closely with Piper Cams and can find cam profile to work with your given application.

We offer a cylinder head modification service which can include porting, flowing, valve guides, inserts and bigger valves. We produce our own full race cylinder heads for our race engines and will aim to get the most out of any head you give us. All our heads are flow bench tested.

We have an in house machine shop if your block needs decking or you need to skim your cylinder head. When your new engine has run in you can of course bring it back in for tuning on our rolling road. Our engines can be seen in action in many historic racing cars around the UK. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.


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