Fresh engine and gearbox for Volvo PV544

Our trusted Volvo PV544 race car has finally received it’s fresh engine and gearbox. We were so busy last year we’ve had to wait until the winter to finish the rebuild and get it fitted. This Volvo has been racing since the early 60’s and now with a fresh motor it should be back on track soon. This extraordinary car is up for sale. You can find more information by clicking here.

A-series race engine rebuilds

We’ve got three A-series race engines on the bench at the moment. The first is the 1380cc motor from Ian Burford’s Sprite “Lumbertubs”. Freshly rebuilt for this season with the latest camshaft. The next is a full race 1293cc motor to go back into our Austin A40 race car and the final engine is another 1380cc race engine which is about to go into Andrew Chenery’s Midget Sprint and Hill Climb car.

Winter prep and engine rebuild for FIA Triumph TR4

One of our many tasks this winter is a fresh prep and engine rebuild for the Griffith’s FIA Triumph TR4. Keeping a good car fast and reliable takes constant work and the winter is a good time to get ahead. We’ve been through the suspension and drivetrain, rebuilt the gearbox and are in the process of rebuilding the engine. The engine is getting a fresh set of pistons and a recently developed camshaft profile.

MG Midget Sprint and Hill climb special

We are nearing the end of a sprint and hill climb preparation on Andrew Chenery’s MG Midget. The car is an extremely tidy and handsome example and will be thoroughly competitive when complete. The car has received a fresh 1380cc race engine, with Swiftune SW23 camshaft and Omega forged pistons, our Quaife dog engagement gearbox and limited slip differential as well as new springs, Tillet race seat, oil cooler and various other jobs. Should make for an exciting and competitive little sports car.