Lotus Cortina, new clutch, rebuilt brakes ready for MOT

Tim Jacobs Mk1 Lotus Cortina is ready for its MOT. We’ve installed a new clutch, rear main seal, new clutch master and slave cylinders and the front brake calipers have been rebuilt by Past Parts. Our in-house Lotus Cortina expert Bob Woods Sprints and Hill Climbs his Mk1 Lotus Cortina to great success.

Iconic classic. Dino 246 and Lotus Cortina

A pair of iconic classics in the workshop. The Dino 246 has been gaining in popularity now for a number of years and is undeniably a beautiful car. This one has had a fuel system service with fuel lines, tank and carburetors cleaned through. The Lotus Cortina has also gained a huge following in the last decade. This one has been unused for some years and is having some teething troubles, oil leaks, wheel bearings whining etc.

Dino 246 Dino 246 engine bay Lotus Cortina service Lotus Cortina twin cam rocker cover