Firle Hill Climb 2019

Last week we attended this years running of the revived Firle Hill Climb. Organised by the Bo Peep Drivers Club. We’ve been attending and supporting this event for a few years now and very much enjoy it. This year we brought with us the Marcos 1800GT, Lotus Elan and James Rainford’s Lenham Le Mans. Joining us with the Marcos was Harry Harrison. Harry’s father bought the car from new and took part in a publicity film, driving the Marcos to Africa. You can see the film on Youtube below.
Firle Hill Climb 2019 Firle Hill Climb 2019

Classic Car Sunday at Goodwood Breakfast Club

The summer heatwave held out for the Goodwood Breakfast Club last Sunday. I popped down with our Lotus Elan to enjoy the sun and see some classics. There is always an interesting selection and it’s always great to get a cup of coffee and have a wander around the Goodwood circuit.

Lotus Elan S4 and Austin A50 race car tuning

Yesterday we had two more on the rollers. A beautiful road going Lotus Elan S4 came in running very poorly. It turns out that another firm rebuilt the fixed jet Stromberg carburettors with fixed needles so there was no mixture adjustment. The correct parts are on there way. Peter Blanchett was next in with his 1600cc Austin A50. It came in running very rich but we managed to rectify that and find some horse power.

Lotus Elan S4 rolling road 2 Lotus Elan S4 rolling road Peter Blanchett Austin A50 race car rolling road tuning Peter Blanchett Austin A50 race car rolling road tuning 2

Goodwood Breakfast Club

We had a lovely morning at Goodwood for the Breakfast Club yesterday. Met a lot of nice people and saw a great selection of vehicles. Here are some of the highlights.