Lotus Europa repaired and serviced

This Gold Leaf Lotus Europa is used for sprinting and hill climbing as well as road driving by our customer Martin Leach. The car needed some work ahead of a planned trip down to Classic Le Mans. A front end repair following a touch with the armco and a thorough service. We also fitted a dry cell battery and relocated it to the front of the car.

Lotus Europa hill climb sprint 2 Lotus Europa hill climb sprint


MG TF to Lotus Europa

Always a varied selection of vehicles in the workshop and this week is no exception. Richard Clarks MG TF came in with back axle woes. We found 2 teeth missing from the pinion which in turn knocked out the differential bearings. The axle is being rebuilt now. Martin Leach brought his Red Top powered Lotus Europa hill climb car in for a service and MOT.

Lotus Europa Lotus Europa 2 MGTF 2 MGTF