Mazda MX5 service, repair and tuning

When Mazda brought out their modern take on the original Lotus Elan it was an instant success. Since production started back in 1989 the cars superb handling and accessibility have enshrined it in automotive history as a true modern classic. A truly great drivers car, inexpensive to maintain, reliable and rear wheel drive. What’s not to like. Lately we’ve been seeing more and more of these coming through the door so we’re now offering a bespoke service deal specifically for the MX5 as well as the usual services which include any mechanical repairs, tuning, rolling road and body work.

General Service – air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and oil change, new spark plugs and a brake inspections, clean and grease – £170.00+VAT

In combination with the general service you have the option of a rolling road power run at the exclusive discounted rate – £40.00+VAT.

mazda-mx5-service-repair-tuning-east-sussex mazda-mx5-service-repair-tuning-east-sussex-rolling-road-2