BOOK – ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’ – Christmas gift idea.

The perfect Christmas gift. Get a copy of our book ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’. A couple of years ago we started writing a book. With help from Chris Harper and MiniSport, as well as other suppliers, we built our own FIA Mini Cooper S to illustrate. The aim of the book was to unpick the various regulations and provide the enthusiast an understanding of how to build a historic racing Mini. Find it in our online shop here.

Ever since its launch in 1959 the original Mini has been a stalwart of the motor racing scene. Even today, there is a bewildering array of formulae that it can compete in. This book explains how to prepare a historic mini to the original pre-1966 Appendix K standard, which provides the racer with the largest choice of national and international events to compete in.

The contents include: 

  • Regulations – understanding the FIA’s Appendix K
  • Sourcing a suitable car
  • Every aspect of preparation including, body, safety, engine, transmission, electrics and ancillaries
  • Setting up and race preparation
  • Testing and racing


Mini Guru

Ian Goodwright is not only our master painter but also fulfils the role of in-house Mini anorak. His knowledge of classic mini’s is extensive and his ability to restore even the most rotten example to a very high standard is remarkable. Ian’s 1963 Mk1 Morris Cooper was restored to the highest possible standard. Finished in Smoke Grey with white roof, Ian carried out all of the restoration work himself to achieve what should be considered one of the finest Mk1 Mini Cooper’s in the world.