2nd overall for Lotus Cortina at Brands Hatch

David Moran and John Hutchinson shared the drive in the CSCC Classic K race at Brands Hatch. They qualified in 4th place but made up two places in the race to bring the car home in 2nd overall and 1st in class. Before the race David’s Mk1 Lotus Cortina was treated to a brand new Neil Brown race engine and a rebuild for the front shock absorbers. Bring on the next round.

Brands Hatch test for Lotus Cortina

David Moran’s Lotus Cortina hasn’t been on track for a little while. This winter the car received a new light weight T45 roll cage and a new Neil Brown race engine is on its way. In the meantime we’ve been down to Brands Hatch for a little track time. The car is going well but there are a couple of jobs to do before it’s next race..

Moran Lotus Cortina prepped for CSCC Brands Hatch

We’ve been prepping the Lotus Cortina this week for today’s track day at Brands Hatch and again for the CSCC Brands Hatch meeting this weekend including a night race. Other than the usual the car needed a radiator repair and the fitment of spot lights and marker lights for night time running. A pair of classic Cibie Oscars have been fitted to the front along with some green LED’s behind the grille so we can easily recognize the car when its coming round in the dark.

David Moran Mk1 Lotus Cortina FIA CSCC David Moran Mk1 Lotus Cortina FIA Cibie Oscar