Rolling road data for historic racers

A lot of our work is for the historic racing community. The last few weeks have seen a variety of race cars on the rolling road. A lot of race cars come in for power runs to help evaluate the condition of the engines and to assess the differences against the engine builders dyno sheet. The install of an engine and the exhaust system employed can make a big difference. Getting the data from our rollers helps to achieve and maintain the best performance.

Rolling road power runs

We offer rolling road power runs from £75+VAT for modern cars as well as classics. If you need to diagnose a problem or simply find out how much power your car is producing then give us a call. Our MAHA rolling road can handle up to 1000bhp. Call 01825 733060 to make an appointment.

mk5-vw-gold-gti-rolling-road-power-run mk5-vw-gold-gti-rolling-road-tuning

Diagnsosis. Triumph GT6 and Jaguar E-type

Two cars with apparent fueling issues in this week. The GT6 ran perfectly well for 20 minutes when it would stop working. We found that the copper fuel line that was running along the engine block was causing a massive vapor lock when it got hot. Changing this fuel line for a rubber alternative and moving it away from the heat source should help. The E-type had some hard plastic fuel lines at the petrol tank, these weren’t sealing properly and allowing the pumps to pull air into the line. You could see the air bubbles in the glass filter bowl. Again fuel lines replaced for rubber.Jaguar etype rolling road diagnosis Jaguar e type engine bay Triumph GT6 engine bay GT6 rolling road diagnosis

Volvo PV544 Sport on the rolling road

Mike Briody brought his lovely PV544 Sport in for a tune up as its been running very poorly for the last 2 months since he bought it. Turned out the mixture was very weak which was consequently leading to an overheating issue. An hour on the dyno and Graham had the mixture sorted. This PV looks like the road going twin to ours. Beautiful.