Equipe GTS 3 hour relay with Griffith’s Triumph TR4

We were at Silverstone this weekend for the Equipe GTS 3 hour relay race. Dave Griffith’s Triumph TR4 was one in a team of three Triumph TR4’s. A great weekend with a lot of action on track that ultimately ended early with a dropped valve. Nevertheless the 3 hour relay format was hugely entertaining and  we will definitely be back. Photo courtesy of Flying Tiger.


Double header race weekend Donington/Silverstone

We’ve got a double header this weekend. We are loading and heading up to Donington Park today for the HRDC race tomorrow then back down to Silverstone for the HSCC meeting at Silverstone. Charles Rainford will be competing with the HRDC in is Lenham Sprite and in Sundays race at Silverstone we will have Ian Burfords in his Ginetta G4 and Larry Tucker in his Ashley GT.

rainford-lenham-burford-ginetta tucker-ashley

Busy weekend racing. HSCC SIlverstone and HRDC Donington

We are having to split up this for this busy weekends racing. We have 5 cars on track, 2 at Silverstone for the HSCC finals and another 3 heading further north for the HRDC’s race at Donington. All cars have been prepped and are getting loaded for our Friday morning departure. Racing this weekend at Silverstone are Ian Burford and Larry Tucker in their Lenham and Ashley Midgets and at Donington we will have Charles Rainford in his 2nd race in the Lenham along with Dave Griffiths in the black TR4 and David Moran in the Lotus Cortina.