Split Webers on Tubby

Ian Burfords Healey Sprite “Lumbertubs” has finally got it’s split Weber DCOE setup. The carbs were not working when we received them so they have been stripped and rebuilt before being installed on the car. Well worth the effort as we had a 3bhp improvement at the wheels on our rolling road.

austin healey sprite lumbertubs split weber dcoe sprite a series 2 split weber dcoe sprite a series split webers sprite

Metropolitan all steel race engine fitted

We have fitted our new all steel race 1860cc engine in the Metropolitan and we are ready to fire it up. No expense has been spared when building this engine with billet steel crank, rods and flywheel. With the split Weber 45’s it will be setup and run-in on the rolling road prior to a handful of races this summer. Watch out for this turquoise beast in your rear view mirror. It will be approaching quickly.

Nash Metropolitan race engine Nash Metropolitan race engine 2 Nash Metropolitan race engine 3 Nash Metropolitan race car