Triumph TR4A preparation for competition

Triumph TR4A preparation for Sprint and Hill Climb racing. The owner of this very tidy Triumph TR4A is in the process of preparing it for some light competition use. Mainly sprints and hill climbs. Although the regulations are less strict than for circuit racing, there are still many things that need to be considered. As always, safety is paramount.

First we put the car on the rolling road to fine tune the freshly built engine. Following that we made an aluminium rear bulkhead, sealing off the cabin from the boot where the fuel tank resides. Additionally we fitted a rear roll cage with harness bar. Finally, for this Triumph hill climb preparation, we carried out a complete spanner check. We found that the brake and clutch master cylinders were leaking so these were also replaced. We always recommend fitting new brake master cylinders before any competition use.

Triumph TR4A sprint and hill climb preparation Triumph TR4A sprint and hill climb preparation

Triumph TR4A recommissioned

This Triumph TR4A has been stood in a garage for the last 20 years. We’ve been through the whole car and refurbished the mechanical parts like brakes and suspension. The engine was good but the carburettors were full of detritus. The whole fuel system was replaced and the carbs rebuilt. We converted the car to an alternator, electronic ignition and an electronic Facet fuel pump. The paint work has been machined polished and it has come out very well. Really happy to see another classic back on the road.

triumph-tr4a-recommissioned-refurbished-restoration-classic-car triumph-tr4a-recommissioned-refurbished-restoration

Triumph TR4A recommissioning

This Triumph TR4A was restored some 20 years ago and has been garaged ever since. It has survived very well but a lot of the rubber components have deteriorated and the fuel tank has rusted. The carbs required a rebuild and we also fitted a new fuel pump. The brakes and ignition system both needed some work to recommission. A new set of Continental tyres and it’s nearly ready for an MOT.

triumph-tr4a-recommissioned triumph-tr4a-engine-recommissioned