Group 2 Alpina-BMW 3.0 CSL on track for the first time in 40 years

The ex-Urpiala / ex-works Alpina-BMW CSL has been out on track for the first time in 40 years. The restoration of this legendary racer was completed over a year ago and this week saw it’s first outing on track at Donington Park. The first couple of shake down laps highlighted a couple of minor issues that were quickly rectified. The rest of the day the car ran beautifully and sounded magnificent. The owner loved it, quickly adapting the big car on slicks. Shaun Rainford praised the car saying it was the best Group 2 CSL he’s had the pleasure of driving. The car is currently being offered for sale by William I’Anson here.

Restoration of 1969 Alpina 2800CS/3.0 CSL race car

We have just begun the restoration of a very significant BMW. This 2800CS was lent to Alpina by BMW and entered in the Spa 24hr. It finished 9th overall. The following year BMW sold the car to Alpina along with 3 others. All four cars were race prepared to the latest Group 2 specifications and receiving bubble arches, wider wheels and Alpina’s famous orange and satin black livery. After a couple of seasons the car changed owners and in 1973 was converted to 3.0 CSL specification with light weight aluminium panels, full race 3.5 litre Alpina engine, slide throttle fuel injection and Alpina modified suspension and subframes. We have started to dissect the car and have revealed much of its past. Later in the 70’s the car was fitted with some ultra wide wheel arch extensions. Having removed those we found that most of the original Group 2 CSL arches remained intact underneath. Rubbing down through the layers of paint has also revealed the cars original CSL livery which we will ultimately recreate.

CSL Urpiala CSL