Alpina update: interior & exterior fitting

Terry has been fitting up the original interior and external body parts to the Alpina. There are some fascinating historical details which have been uncovered. All of the doors internal parts have orange overspray on them from when the car received it’s original orange and black Alpina livery, however, the doors themselves don’t which is because they are aluminium skinned CSL items which were fitted in 1974 after the car left Alpina. The door cards are also interesting. These items were originally brown vinyl but have been painted black. The brown is correct for a 1969 2800CS in Tundra Green which is what this car started life as. From period photographs we know that the interior change colour to black when it was at Alpina. We believe these to be the original interior items.

Alpina CSL front end fitting Alpina CSL badge Alpina CSL door fitting Alpina CSL interior