Classic Mini engine rebuilds

We’ve had a run of classic Mini engine rebuilds lately. Both of these started life as standard 1275cc engines but have been brought up to fast road spec. They both have head work, a camshaft upgrade and roller tip rockers. Both crank assemblies have been balanced including the pistons and con rods. The red engine already had the machine work done but for the green engine we used Southern Rebore Services. They rebored the block to +.040″, ground the crankshaft and refaced the cylinder head.

We are looking forward to seeing them on the rolling road once installed in their respective Minis. If you require a classic Mini engine rebuild, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1962 Classic Mini Pickup restoration

classic mini pickup restoration

Classic Mini Pickups are very rare so we are excited to be able to do the restoration on this one. Like all Minis, this one has had its fair share of bad repairs and tasteless modifications. Thankfully, the new owner wants to return the little truck to its original condition. That means out with the 1275cc engine and in with a 848cc lump from late 1961, complete with pudding stirrer gear shift.

We began by stripping the car down to a bare shell. Then we had remove all of the filler and under seal before it could be sandblasted. Once blasted the restoration work can begin. Check back for updates on our classic mini pickup restoration over the coming months.

VW Polo Roll Cage for MSUK Targa Road Rally

VW Polo roll cage fabrication MSUK rally preparation

Last week we did a targa rally roll cage for a VW Polo. The car is being prepared for the MSUK Targa Road Rally rules. This requires the installation of a bolt-in rear roll cage. With bolt-in cages you still have to weld counter plates to the floor. The counter plates provide a strong footing for the roll cage to bolt to. They wanted to paint the cage blue to match the OMP race seats. Looking through our swatches we decided that Porsche Arrow blue was close.

Jaguar XK140 race prepped for Portugal

Jaguar XK140 historic race prep

The Jaguar XK140 race car has been race prepped and is ready for the continent. Sadly, it may not get to race, due to COVID-19 the Algarve Classic Festival has been postponed. This car can usually be found competing with Motor Racing Legends in the Woodcote Trophy. Due to travel restrictions the owner has yet to race it this year. Fingers crossed for a rescheduled event at Portimao but with COVID numbers rising I think it might be unlikely. Maybe next year.