Grant Williams “JAG 400” Mk2 Jaguar rolling road for Goodwood Speedweek

Grant Williams Jaguar Mk2 JAG 400 Goodwood Speedweek

Our good friend Grant Williams was back in for some rolling road tuning. This time however, he brought the recently restored Jaguar Mk2 known as “JAG 400”. The car is an ex-competition car from the early 60s. It was driven in period by Jack Sears and was even tested at Silverstone by Stirling Moss.

We tuned the Jaguars triple SU carburettors to run with a straight through exhaust. At Goodwood cars are allowed to run without silencers. It is a real privilege to work on cars with such great history and then to see them raced hard on the track. Grant had some rear end trouble on Friday which was quickly dealt with. In Sundays race Grant finished 7th overall and 1st of the Jaguars.

1962 Morris J4 pickup restoration

Morris J4 pickup restoration

The restoration has begun on this very cool and rare Morris J4 pickup. The less common sibling of the J4 van, the pickups were popular work vehicles, especially on farms, which is exactly where this one came from. This J4 was purchased from it’s original owner, a farmer, who used the pickup to carry farm hands back and forth from the fields. Since 1962 it’s only covered 43,000 miles, most of which was on the farm tracks of High Farm in Ongar, Essex. According to the tax disc in the window it was last on the road in 1978.

The body has a fair amount of rust but could be a lot worse. The chassis also has rust on the surface but looks solid. The J4 pickup is largely complete and original. The 1200c B-series engine is still in place but begs to be swapped out for an 1800cc MGB unit. Watch this space.

Ferrari Dino 246 service and fuel tank replacement

Ferrari Dino 246 service

This Ferrari 246 Dino is a real survivor. Totally unrestored, the car has been inherited from the new owners father. Granted, it is a little rough around the edges but it’s never been neglected and is in perfect driving order.

That was until it started spilling petrol onto the floor. A common problem with the Dino is that one of the body seams can rub against the aluminium fuel tanks which eventually creates a hole. The only safe solution is to replace the fuel tank with a new item. While the car was here we also gave it a basic service. The Ferrari Dino 246 is due back this winter for a major suspension service.

Shelby Mustang GT350 race preparation

Shelby Mustang GT350 race prep

We’ve spent some time race prepping this Shelby Mustang GT350. Overall, it was a good car but some of the running gear was a little tired. We’ve rebuilt the rear axle which included a set of heavy duty wheel bearings. The front suspension has also been fully refurbished with new control arms, ball joints and track rod ends.

Additionally, we fitted an original handbrake to get the car an MOT. Lastly, a dyno session on our Maha rolling road. The Peter Knight engine in this Shelby Mustang GT350 has been serviced and tuned and is ready to race.

1969 BMW 2000 ti/lux Neue Klasse service and tuning

A very rare 1969 BMW 2000 ti/lux came in for an engine service and tune up of its original Solex 40 PHH carbs. The car is incredibly original and is currently being recommissioned. We think these Neue Klasse BMW’s of the 60s and 70s are truly superb. The build quality is fantastic and they are great to drive. This car has a lot of charm and came with all the original service books.