BMW E9 3.0 CSi – new owner inspection

This beautiful example of the BMW E9 was recently purchased and driven back from Germany. A very nice example with very few issues, we’ve given the car a cursory inspection for it’s new owner with a view to carry out some future work.

Mercedes-Benz G300 G-Wagon – fabricating new sills

To say this Mercedes-Benz G300 had some rust in the sills would have been a drastic understatement. Once we started cutting out the rust and filler we found there wasn’t a lot left of either the inner sills or the outer sills. On the left hand side it had also spread to the first outrigger and body mount. The only solution was to cut it right back and replace it with fresh metal. We fabricated sill panels to match the original contours with our sheet metal folding machine.

1937 Mercedes-Benz W143 230 Pullman

We are currently working to bring this 1937 Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman back to road-worthy condition. Overall, the car is in good condition. Although it runs and drives it needs a fair amount of work to get it back on the road. We’ve started with some suspension repairs this week and we’ve removed the cylinder head and fuel pump and fuel tank for reconditioning.

BOOK – ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’ – Christmas gift idea.

The perfect Christmas gift. Get a copy of our book ‘How to Prepare a Historic Racing Mini’. A couple of years ago we started writing a book. With help from Chris Harper and MiniSport, as well as other suppliers, we built our own FIA Mini Cooper S to illustrate. The aim of the book was to unpick the various regulations and provide the enthusiast an understanding of how to build a historic racing Mini. Find it in our online shop here.

Ever since its launch in 1959 the original Mini has been a stalwart of the motor racing scene. Even today, there is a bewildering array of formulae that it can compete in. This book explains how to prepare a historic mini to the original pre-1966 Appendix K standard, which provides the racer with the largest choice of national and international events to compete in.

The contents include: 

  • Regulations – understanding the FIA’s Appendix K
  • Sourcing a suitable car
  • Every aspect of preparation including, body, safety, engine, transmission, electrics and ancillaries
  • Setting up and race preparation
  • Testing and racing


Cylinder head reconditioning, unleaded conversions, crank grinding, block boring… It’s all going on at Southern Rebore Services

Southern Rebore Services joined us over a year ago now and is continuing to grow. We’ve got a steady stream of cylinder heads coming through the building as well as cranks and blocks. If you need a head skimmed, rebuilt, an unleaded conversion, a block bored or a crank ground give them a call on 01825 733659 or send a message to