New Vapour Blasting Service in Sussex

Vapour blasting sussex

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Vapour Blasting Service here at CCK in Sussex. We are ready to clean your engine components with our brand new Aquablast machine from Vixen. This wet blasting process works wonders, especially on aluminium, bringing it back to look like new. It leaves your engine components spotlessly clean with a subtle sheen, ideal for restorations. The process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a ‘soft’ finish. Additionally, the water acts as a lubricant, avoiding media impregnation. It will clean the surface without removing any material unlike dry media blasting.

The vapour or aqua blasting process is perfect for removing all manor of grease, grime and staining. Cylinder heads, timing covers and cam covers can look like new again. Even heavily stained gearbox and differential casings can look like new again. For vapour blasting in Sussex call us on 01825 733659.

Retromobile Paris 2020

Bugatti Retromobile

Retromobile Paris still knows how to put on a great show. Arguably one of the best of its kind. There was a huge variety of machinery to gawk at including more Alfa Romeo 6 and 8C’s in one room than I’ve ever seen before, a myriad of Bugatti’s, ex-Le Man sports racers, Grand Prix cars, tractors and the most wonderful cross section of Tatra’s. There was everything to see and plenty of time to see it. The event covers five days from Wednesday to Sunday. If you were looking for hard to find parts for your pre-war Peugeot, Bugatti or Amilcar then you were in luck. There were a host of sellers with a huge selection parts.

The usual high end sellers were present as always with some fantastic consignments. Max Girardo impressed with an ex-Schumacher Ferrari F1 car from 2995 whilst Fisken’s brought the, perhaps more exciting, ex-Jacky Ickx Ferrari 312 B2 among other great cars. For the early Alfa Romeo fans the Lukas Huni stand had the most incredible selection of 6C and 8C models. For those who have not been I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed Retromobile Paris more than the UK offerings plus… it’s in Paris. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend in Paris?

Mercedes 190E Cosworth – Cam timing and tuning

Mercedes 190E Cosworth cam timing

The Mercedes 190E Cosworth – a definitive modern classic and less common than a BMW E30. This one came in for a couple of jobs. Primarily, checking the cam timing and running it on the rolling road. It is a new engine and the owner wants to make sure everything is spot on before he begins running it in.

With new engines on the rolling road we limit the load and the RPM’s. It’s important to make sure the fuelling is ok with a new build. You don’t want to be running-in with a lean or rich fuel mixture.

Additionally, we took the car for an MOT and did a couple other little jobs. The owner is working toward a 2-week European road trip in May, taking in the Stelvio Pass and the Nurburgring. Can’t think of a better trip to do in a Mercedes 190E Cosworth.

1380cc race engine build

1380cc race engine build

One of the engines we’ve been working on this winter is this 1380cc race engine build for an MG Midget. Last season the owners previous engine failed, somewhat catastrophically. With a new block sourced we built up a new motor using some of their existing components including their already race modified cylinder head.

We carried out the offset boring to 1380cc at our in-house machine shop, Southern Rebore Services. Piston are light weight slipper type and the con rods are billet steel. The rotating assembly was fully balanced prior to assembly. Next, we installed a Swiftune camshaft and vernier timing gear. The cylinder head was rebuilt and fitted along with a set of 1.5:1 roller tip rockers. Once this 1380cc race engine is installed we will get the car on the rolling road.

OUMF Riley 1.5 Rolling Road

Riley 1.5 rolling road

This week we had the pleasure of inviting the Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation (OUMF) to test and tune their racing Riley 1.5 on the rolling road. Ding Boston and his crew of students were here bright and early Saturday morning with the car and a selection components they wanted to test.

First, we established a baseline. We made sure the fuelling was adequate and did a power run. This data was saved on the computer so we could compare the torque and power curves as we worked through the day. Baseline power peaked at 155.3bhp. Next, we advanced the ignition timing to see how the engine reacted. Power dropped to 151.2bhp so we set the timing back to where it was.

Next, we tried a new inlet manifold and short trumpets on the Weber DCOE carburettor. This time the power jumped up to 160.2bhp. Great result. Torque was down to 141.7lbft so we tried some long trumpets. Power was virtually the same at 160bhp dead but the torque came up to 143.7. Lastly we ran the car on an open exhaust. We adjusted the jetting in the Weber carburettor to compensate and it made the best power of the day at 162.2bhp and 144.7lbft of torque.

A day well spent and a Riley 1.5 rolling road tuned to peak performance.