The CCK Historic online shop offers a range of parts for classic and historic race cars. From our Quaife dog engagement gear kit for the 1275cc Midget, to gaskets, bearings and many more performance orientated products. You’ll find our Lenham bodywork as well as parts for the Marcos 1800GT, Group 2 BMW 3.0 CSL and Sebring Sprite.

We are now an official dealer and fitment centre for Custom Cages roll cages.

CCK Historic online shop. Quaife Volvo Midget


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Rolling Road Tuning

We offer a full rolling road tuning service on our MAHA MSR500 in East Sussex. We specialise in setting up carburettors and stock a range of needles, springs and jets for Weber and SU. Whether it is a historic race car or your classic road car we can ensure that your engine is running at optimum efficiency and performance. We also offer power runs for modern vehicles with up to 750bhp at the wheels.

Does your classic car or historic racer suffer from a misfire? Do you suspect it to be running rich or lean? Many running problems can be very difficult to diagnose. The rolling road allows us to run your car at a specific rpm under load in order to diagnose specific problems.

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Custom Cages Official Fitting Centre and Dealer

In addition to our own bespoke roll cage service we are also a Custom Cages Official Fitting Centre. We are approved by Custom Cages to supply and fit their roll cages. Additionally we can offer quick turn around times for roll cage fitment. Dependant on supply we can book you in and fit your roll cage within a couple of weeks.

We currently hold stock of the T45 lightweight Historic Mini roll cage. The best and most popular choice for FIA Appendix K Historic Mini Cooper S race cars. However, we can supply any Custom Cages roll cage from Mustang to Mk1 Lotus Cortina.

custom cages