HRDC Snetterton Success

The penultimate round of the HRDC season was held this weekend at Snetterton. Good weather and good racing with great results all round. Dave Griffiths qualified a commendable 12th place but charged through to finish 7th overall and 2nd in class in the race. Shaun was piloting Ian Burford’s Sprite “Lumbertubs” qualifying 8th overall in the Allstars race and finishing 7th overall and 2nd in class with fastest lap. Larry Tucker in the Ahsley Midget also had a good day finishing 13th up from 16th. All cars ran reliably and performed well. Could we ask for anything more?

Dave Griffiths Standard Vanguard Griffiths Vanguard Snetterton Larry Tucker Ashley Shaun Rainford Lumbertubs

Race Preparation for Larry Tucker’s Ashley Midget

The race preparation of Larry Tucker’s Ashley Sprite continues. We have to make some changes to the vehicle to comply with the HSCC Historic Road Sports regulations. The car has to meet a weight limit, a ground clearance limit and have some interior fitted. It also needs number plates and an MOT. If you are interested in race preparation click to email.

Larry Tucker Ashley Midget HSCC Larry Tucker Ashley Midget interior Tillett race seat Larry Tucker Ashley Midget race engine Larry Tucker Ashley Midget rear axle

Larry Tucker’s Ashley Midget

CCK would like to extend a warm welcome to Larry Tucker. Larry brought his lovely red Ashley Midget to our East Sussex workshop for a few small jobs prior to a winter refresh. First thing to do was to put it on the rolling road.

Larry Tucker Ashley Midget rolling road tuning Larry Tucker Ashley Midget engine Larry Tucker Ashley Midget Larry Tucker Ashley Midget 2