Building a fast road engine for a TR4A

Last week we began rebuilding a TR4A engine for Paul Anderson. He is restoring the vehicle but decided to bring the engine to us. We will be fitting 89mm pistons and liners, a slightly hotter camshaft and doing a little work on the cylinder head. The increase in capacity should make the biggest difference with a flowed head and camshaft to give it that little bit extra. So far the block has been acid dipped and is awaiting the new liners. The crankshaft has been ground and is now getting balanced along with the flywheel, clutch and conrods.

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New engine and rolling road tune for Riley 1.5

Bonham’s Riley 1.5 has been in the CCK workshop for a new engine and suspension rebuild prior to the Goodwood Revival. Today the little Riley went on the dyno and we are very pleased with the results. This car is now ready and will be seen competing in the St Mary’s trophy race at Goodwood Revival next week.

BMC ‘B’ Series engines, road, race, rally.

Need a ‘B’ series engine for your BMC classic? A road or race engine for your MGB, MG Magnette, Austin A50 or Riley 1.5? We have over 30 years experience building engines and have supplied countless ‘B’ series engines for competition and road use. From a refresh to complete fresh build with our in-house machine shop we can meet your requirements. Please give us a call for more information.