Riley RM engine rebuild

We’ve rebuilt the engine for this Riley RM this year. The 1.5 litre twin cam engine is essentially a pre-war design with white metal supporting the crankshaft instead of the more modern shell bearings we are used to seeing. It takes a little longer with an old engine like this as there is more work involved and there isn’t always access to new parts. The engine is an interesting design with two camshafts in the block actuated the valves via push rods and rocker arms.

Fast road Austin A40 gets 1293cc power

Progress has been made on the fast road Austin A40 project. The 1293cc engine has been completed and is now in the car. Next we will be fitting a Brise alternator and geared starter motor to it. The window and door rubbers will be replaced and a new carpet set fitted along with a pair of seats, stack rev-counter and a Moto-lita steering wheel.

Austin A40 fast road 1293cc a-series engine Austin A40 fast road 1293cc a-series engine bay

Triumph TR2 Historic Race Engine

We’ve just completed a Triumph TR2 historic race engine. The original block was stripped down and acid dipped. A new set of 83mm liners were sourced along with a custom made set of forged aluminium racing pistons with a custom intruder on the top. The compression ratio is a little over 11:1. The bottom end is all steel and balanced to within 0.5 grams. The cylinder head is one of our own which is flowed and ported with bigger valves, bronze guides and competition double valve springs. We’ve fitted a 320 degree camshaft. We will see what power it makes on the rolling road once the engine goes in the car. If you wish to discuss a historic race engine please email.

tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine tr2 historic race engine

Building race engines – Triumph, Fiat, BMW

The past few weeks has seen a varied range of race engines in build shop. We are in the process of building a TR2 race engine which will feature an all steel bottom end and forged pistons. A Fiat 1500 engine has been refreshed and received a new camshaft with our custom grind and a new bigger valve cylinder head. We are also rebuilding an 1800cc BMW M10 race engine.

cck road and race engines cck road and race engines - TR2 cck road and race engines - Fiat cck road and race engines - BMW M10