74th GRRC Members Meeting

A successful Goodwood weekend at by all accounts albeit a little cold. The wind down the pitlane was brisk but all our drivers and both our cars went out and performed admirably. Some modifications to the Rover knocked 1 second of last years lap time. Riorden Welby had a stellar drive on Saturday making up 12 places. On Sunday the driving duties were shared with race car engineering royalty Adrian Reynard. The BMW 1800ti of Stuart Patterson had a good run despite the race being cut down to 10 minutes due to stoppages during the day. As in previous years the event was superb and stands up as one of the seasons best. Already looking forward to the 75th.Rover SD1 Goodwood Members Meeting Rover SD1 Goodwood Members Meeting 2BMW 1800ti Goodwood Members Meeting 2 BMW 1800ti Goodwood Members Meeting