Classic Mini Limousine for hire. Weddings & Events

A classic Mini Limousine is now available to hire for weddings or special events. This very unique car is beautifully finished in Old English White with a dark blue vinyl roof and is the only classic Mini limousine we know of in the area. Guaranteed to arrive in style.  The car is available now from Paladins Classic Car Hire in East Sussex. They can be reached on 01825 733660 or at their website Paladins Classic Car Hire.

Classic mini limousine hired for Claire's wedding 4 Classic mini limousine hired for Claire's wedding 2

7 Replies to “Classic Mini Limousine for hire. Weddings & Events”

  1. Hello, I was just wondering how smanuly people can you fit in the car and what would be the price for a prom for travel to and from westbourne (chichester) and from fontwell?

      1. Hello I was just wondering if we could hire your mini limousine for 27th June 2013 as a travel to prom?

  2. Hi there,
    My name is Terri and im gettimg married next year,I have been looking on your website as you do strecteh mini’s which has been my dream to have one. I noticed that you only adverties kent and sussex.I live in harlow Essex and was enquiring if you would come down to Harlow Essex or is it just Kent and Sussex.

    Many thanks
    Terri Hill

  3. is this limo available on june the 25th in the evening, for a prom? how many people does it seat? and does the deposit get refunded? thank you

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