We have had the pleasure of participating in the Goodwood Revival for many years now both competing in our own cars and looking after our clients cars. 2014 saw the re-introduction of the Members Meeting which we hope will live on with the same success as the Festival of Speed and Revival. Here is a look back through the years.

Goodwood Revival – 2016

For 2016 we had the honour of taking part in the ‘Goodwood Greats’ parade with John Rhodes Mini Cooper S. There was a great selection of legendary cars and drivers from Goodwood’s past including John Surtees and Striling Moss.

john-rhodes-mini-cooper-s-goodwood-revival-shaun-rainford goodwood-revival-2016-john-rhodes-mini-cooper-s

74th GRRC Members Meeting – 2016

Once again the GRRC Members Meeting was to be pure quality. This year we were in attendance with Riorden Welby and Adrian Reynard in a Rover SD1 for the Gerry Marshall Trophy and Stuart Patterson with his BMW 1800ti for the Whitmore Cup.

Rover SD1 Goodwood CCK Historic BMW 1800ti Goodwood Members Meeting

Goodwood Revival – 2015

Goodwood Revival always proves to be the top event of the season. It is big and it is crowded but the quality of machinery and the quality of the racing is second to none. Our weekend was trouble free for the most part. The BMW 1800ti although not as quick as some of the others performed admirably. Darren Turner had a fairly lonely race finishing 15th on the Saturday. For the ever popular Settrington Cup we had Annabel Lawson at the wheel who thoroughly enjoyed herself. Can’t wait for March and for the 74th Members Meeting.

73rd GRRC Members Meeting – 2015

Once again Lord March has hosted one spectacular event. Quickly becoming our favourite of the Goodwood events due to smaller crowds and a stronger emphasis on the racing. All of our drivers and our cars performed admirably. Dave Griffiths charged forward in the TR4 to make up 6 places in the Les Leston Cup. Ian Burford and Mike Haigh both drove with gusto and Shaun Rainford amazed everyone by hanging on to the leading pack in our Nash Metropolitan. Well done Goodwood, we cannot wait till next year.

Shaun Rainford Nash Metropolitan Goodwood 73rd Woodcote Triumph TR4 Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting Ford Falcon Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting Burford Lumbertubs Sprite Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting

Goodwood Revival – 2014

Another Goodwood Revival has passed and once again it has proved to be an excellent event. We were supporting Roger Wills in the Gaz Volga again this year and we finished all sessions on track without a single issue. Tom Chilton was a gentleman and very much enjoyed hustling the Soviet iron qualifying 22nd. Roger Wills took over in the afternoon and knocked 3 seconds off Tom’s lap time qualifying in 14th. Tom took to the challenge and knocked another five tenths off of Roger’s time finishing in 14th. Roger was out on the Sunday and knocked another four tenths off Tom’s best lap time to finish 12th. The pair finished 9th overall on aggregate. For the Settrington Cup we had Ian Burford’s son Aston peddling the J40.

cck russians goodwood revival cck gaz volga roger wills goodwood revival 2 cck russians goodwood revival james martin Goodwood Revival Settrington Cup Aston Burford

72nd GRRC Members Meeting – 2014

This will be remembered as one of the best historic race meetings of recent years. Of course you wouldn’t expect anything less than the best from Goodwood and some of the success must be attributed to the weather but this event will be remembered for years to come. I heard many comment on the relaxed atmosphere as a breath of fresh air over the pomp and circumstance that is Goodwood Revival. The race of the weekend for us was so impressive in so many ways and somewhat unexpected. The Gerry Marshall Trophy for Group 1 saloons was loud and fast with some of the best race action we have ever seen on the circuit. The 15 minute race saw John Young in a Ford Capri starting from the pit lane and taking on the entire pack before a dramatic dice and heroic pass of Nick Swift’s Mini 1275 GT on the final lap to take 2nd place will not be forgotten. The Sears trophy went very well for all of our cars. Shaun in the MG1100 was hanging onto Gavin Watson in the Volvo 122S for most of the race exchanging gestures when side by side. Darren thoroughly enjoyed his time behind the wheel of his Mk1 Turner but retired the car in the late stages of the race when the temperature gauge went all the way around. I know we can’t wait till next year.

Sebring Sunbeam Alpine Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting shaun gavin Darren Turner Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting

Goodwood Revival – 2013

A quite year for us with just one car to run. Rupert Keegan was paired up with Guy Harman in the Fiat Abarth 1500. The car ran as it should and gave us no trouble. A Mini flying up the inside during Sunday’s race resulted in a puncture and retirement.

Fiat 1500 Goodwood DSC_0120_m

Goodwood Revival – 2012

2012 was our biggest year to date. We ran 6 cars in the St. Mary’s trophy race. This year was the turn of the 50’s saloons. Shaun was paired with John Cleland in our Nash Metropolitan, David Griffiths and Barry Williams drove the Standard Vanguard, James Turner shared the Ford Zodiac with Red Bull’s Cristian Horner, Roger Wills and Brendon Hartley shared the Gaz Volga, Julius Thurgood and Rupert Keegan were driving the MG ZA Magnette and finally it was Bonham’s and Alec Poole in the Riley 1.5. Unfortunately for us a rod let go in the Nash Metropolitan during qualifying. This left us with an underpowered spare engine for the rest of the weekend. The Vanguard went brilliantly with Barry Williams finishing in 7th, the highest place at Goodwood for the car. The Zodiac suffered gearbox trouble on the Saturday but we managed to source and fit a replacement over night. James Turner finished a very respectable 6th for his first ever Revival. The Volga lost its bonnet which did some damage but again a replacement was sourced and fitted overnight for Roger Wills. All in all an eventful weekend. Exhausting but an awful lot of fun.

Shaun Rainford and John Cleland with the Metropolitan Settrington Cup Goodwood RevialZodiac Nash Metropolitan Standard Vanguard Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival – 2010

After an epic battle between Nick Swift’s Mini D.A.R.T. and Rae Davis’ Mini Jem, Shaun Rainford secured 2nd place in the Fordwater Trophy in our Lenham GT “SS1800”.

Shaun also shared the drive with Andy Rouse in our Volvo PV544 whilst Roger Wills competed in his Gaz Volga M21. We one the coveted award for “Best Presented Team” this year with Roger Wills and our USSR Racing Team complete with Russian military uniforms.

Goodwood Revival – 2009

Shaun shared the drive with Vern Schuppan for the all mini St Mary’s Trophy in our John Rhodes Mini Cooper S.

Goodwood Revival – 2008

A couple of fantastic races and officially a 3rd place finish for Shaun Rainford and Andy Rouse in our Volvo PV544 in the St Mary’s Trophy race.

Goodwood Revival – 2007

Shaun’s first outing in Ss1800 ended early with gearbox trouble.

Goodwood Revival – 2006

3rd place in 2006 was our first Goodwood podium finish. Shaun shared the drive with British touring car legend John Rhodes in his 40th birthday present Austin A40 Farina.

Goodwood Revival – 2005

Our first year at the Goodwood Revival saw Shaun entered in the St Mary’s Trophy race with Mini racing legend John Rhodes in our recently completed MG1100.

Photos by Jeff Bloxham