Historic Race Car Support and Development

One of our aims when supporting our clients historic racing activities is to help them achieve better results through the development of their car and their driving. Not all historic cars are competitive in the class and few cars a capable of winning regularly. Even if you are not at the front of the grid we can get you closer. There could be seconds to be made in the proper setup of the suspension and chassis. Springs rates, geometry and corner-weighting can all have big effect on balance and grip. A new engine with steel components might have a higher rev limit allowing it to generate more power. As well as developing your race car we can provide driving tuition. We can help with good habits and techniques that will help shave time off your lap. If you are interested in race support and development please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or click to email.

Case Study

Dave Griffiths and his Standard Vanguard joined us a the end of 2011. For the 2012 season Dave had an average qualifying position of 16th and an average finishing position of 10th. So far this 2014 season Dave’s average qualifying position is down to 14th with an average finishing position of 6th. On average Dave’s lap times are down by 2 seconds since he joined us.

Dave Griffith's Standard Vanguard at Revival New engine for Standard Vanguard Vanguard, Donington Vanguard at Castle Combe