Lenham Lotus Elan S3/S4 hard top prototype

Today was the day the first Lotus Elan hard top came out of the mould. Steve Gunnis has been kind enough to lend us his Elan Sprint for the prototyping process. I have achieved a good fit today. Tomorrow I will fabricate some brackets. Not long now till will bring this product to market. Thanks for you patience.

Update: Hard top is now available. click here.

7 Replies to “Lenham Lotus Elan S3/S4 hard top prototype”

    1. Hello Chris. I will keep you posted. Should have the first one available shortly. Thanks.

  1. Man o man been waiting a long time for this.looks awsome. I want this setup for my 1970 s4 so please call me or email me. Bad part im in the us.
    Christian 239-810-0594

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