Lumbertubs to FIA spec

Over the Winter we are carrying out the necessary work to ensure that Lumbertubs conforms to FIA spec and apply for HTP papers. The decision was taken by Ian Burford to expand the little Healey’s eligibility. An aluminium roof is mandatory for an FIA Sebring Sprite and as Lumbertubs was built in period with an aluminium roof we thought that FIA papers would be most beneficial. The conversion involves changing out the rear axle for the narrower wire wheel axle and changing the front discs. This requires some custom machining and fabrication as well as new hubs and Spitfire discs. The engine is restricted to 1000cc but we haven’t yet gotten that far. The new axle is in place now and the fabrication work for the front discs is underway. You can also see the recently fitted and very rare copper coloured adjustable lever arm dampers.

Lumbertubs Sebring SpriteLumbertubs Sebring SpriteLumbertubs Sebring SpriteLumbertubs Spebring Sprite


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  1. re,lumbertubs,are you allowed to run rose joints in suspension ,and the ribcase g/box?.what colour green is it?where do we find race results for this car? i am interested in any race prep work you do on BMC sports cars. no other marque.

    pension and the ribcase g/box?what is the all up weight?

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