1962 Morris J4 pickup restoration

The restoration has begun on this very cool and rare Morris J4 pickup. The less common sibling of the J4 van, the pickups were popular work vehicles, especially on farms, which is exactly where this one came from. This J4 was purchased from it’s original owner, a farmer, who used the pickup to carry farm hands back and forth from the fields. Since 1962 it’s only covered 43,000 miles, most of which was on the farm tracks of High Farm in Ongar, Essex. According to the tax disc in the window it was last on the road in 1978.

The body has a fair amount of rust but could be a lot worse. The chassis also has rust on the surface but looks solid. The J4 pickup is largely complete and original. The 1200c B-series engine is still in place but begs to be swapped out for an 1800cc MGB unit. Watch this space.