HRDC Snetterton Success

The penultimate round of the HRDC season was held this weekend at Snetterton. Good weather and good racing with great results all round. Dave Griffiths qualified a commendable 12th place but charged through to finish 7th overall and 2nd in class in the race. Shaun was piloting Ian Burford’s Sprite “Lumbertubs” qualifying 8th overall in the Allstars race and finishing 7th overall and 2nd in class with fastest lap. Larry Tucker in the Ahsley Midget also had a good day finishing 13th up from 16th. All cars ran reliably and performed well. Could we ask for anything more?

Dave Griffiths Standard Vanguard Griffiths Vanguard Snetterton Larry Tucker Ashley Shaun Rainford Lumbertubs

Historic racing at Brands Hatch with the HRDC

A two day weekend for us at Brands Hatch with HRDC Allstars on Saturday 6th July and HRDC Touring Greats on Sunday 7th. Aston Martin owners club were celebrating the centenary of the marque with a host of races featuring a range of Astons from across the decades along with other marques. Ian Burford was first out in Lumbertubs in the Allstars race on the Indy circuit with the Grand Prix circuit being reserved for Sundays Touring Greats race. Sunday was a busy day. We had the usual suspect Dave Griffiths and James Turner with the Standard Vanguard and Ford Zodiac along with Victoria Beever in her Rover 105S, Guy Harman in is Fiat 1500 and John Paige who hired our MG1100. With qualifying at midday and the race at 6pm we managed to catch a bit of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon final in between. The race went well with James Turner right up the front in a constant battle for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th with 1st place Niel Brown 23 seconds ahead in his A35. James finished 5th overall. Dave was having a cracking race up to 11th from 18th with a great start until a broken stub axle brought it to an end. Guy, Victoria and John all finished well and all enjoyed a rare opportunity to use the full Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. Next stop Donington for HRDC Allstars on September 1st and Snetterton for HRDC Touring Greats on September 28th.

HRDC Brands Hatch 2 HRDC Brands Hatch MG1100 HRDC Brands Hatch Victoria Beever Rover 105 HRDC Brands Hatch

HRDC Mallory Park finale.

The last race of the HRDC 2012 season was held last Sunday at Mallory Park. We were there with Dave Griffiths in the Standard Vanguard, James Turner in the Ford Zodiac, Ian Burford in the Sebring Sprite “Lumbertubs” and sharing the drive in “Bumble” the MG Magnette was Julius Thurgood and Rupert Keegan. Dry conditions and some sunshine made for a very pleasant close to the season. Racing was top class as usual with some strong results from all of our drivers. In the Touring Greats race Dave Griffiths moved further up, qualifying 11th, finishing 8th overall and 2nd in class B. First in class B and 4th overall was James Turner in the Zodiac. Julius Thurgood managed to weave his way from 19th up to 14th in the MG Magnette. In Grand Touring Greats Ian Burford made a big jump up the grid qualifying 7th and finishing 6th. Rupert Keegan drove “Bumble” in the Allcomers race finishing 7th. We have had a great year and have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the competition that Julius Thurgood and the HRDC has provided. We are looking forward to 2013 and another great HRDC season.

photos courtesy of Kelvin Fagan

Race Report HRDC Snetteron

A successful weekend for team CCK at the HRDC’s Snetterton race meeting. Somehow the rain was kept at bay long enough to finish all races. James Turner once again confidently piloted the CCK MG1100 in the TC63 race. Ian Burford’s Austin-Healey Sprite “Lumbertubs” successfully finished it’s Grand Touring Greats race although a couple of spins kept him further down the grid. Sunday morning saw the Touring Greats with James Turner bringing his Zodiac home in 5th overall and 2nd in class despite a few taps up the arse from Paul Taft in the Volvo Amazon. 3rd in class was our very own David Griffiths in his Standard Vanguard who made his way up to 9th overall from 15th on the grid. Well done to all involved for another successful meeting.

Wet & Wild HRDC at Castle Combe

A very wet day was had by all. More of a boat race than a motor car race. CCK were there in full force representing 5 cars in the first event of the HRDC calendar. James Turner in the CCK MG1100 had great race in TC63 qualifying 12th and finishing in 9th overall. James Turner and Darren Turner were set to share their Ford Zodiac for the Touring Greats race. On his second lap of qualifying Darren got hit in the side after another car span out in the wet. This shunt saw the end of the Zodiacs racing for the day which was a real tragedy as Darren managed to qualify 3rd after only one lap. Had this not happened the Zodiac could have certainly achieved a podium finish if not a win. Dave Griffiths entered both TC63 and Touring Greats. His TC63 race was going very well until he made a move for 7th position which ended in some late braking sending the Vanguard off the track and in to the wall. Luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and he was able to finish the race. Peter Thompson did well in the GTS65 to finish 3rd in class in his Marcos 1800GT. Unfortunately Ian Burford’s race was cut short in Lumbertubs first outing since restoration due to a misfire.  Overall we all had a great day and now we’ve dried out it’s time to get to work. Bodywork damage to the Zodiac and the Vanguard will be addressed as well as some further development to Lumbertubs.